An Even Better Day

Incredible India! So I was able to get my router play nicely with my cable internet access and I just dialed my NYC number – and guess what? My phone in India is ringing!! Gotta love voice over ip!

Even better than that: this morning, I got a call from my car dealer, and my lovely HM Ambassador Avigo has arrived from the factory. It still needs to get registered though. Unfortunately, that requires the original of my lease plus some official letter from my company, both of which I had left in the office. So I had to go pick them up, but that was no problem. Of course, the car dealer also wanted the full amount of money, but I insisted that they only get another installment and then the full payment once they have registered the car and hand me the keys. Apparently, that’s not how things are done here, but eventually they agreed.

So I went to the bank, then to the office, then back to the car dealer. I was thinking the car has arrived means I can actually see it at the dealership, but no such luck. Apparently, it’s on some lot somewhere outside of Mumbai. Ah well. But the registration should only take a few days, so the sales woman promised everything will be done and ready next Saturday. Life is Good.

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  1. Amby Lover says:

    So are you happy with your Avigo? I am planning to get one. How does it drive?

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