Random Mumbai Facts

From the latest issue of TimeOut Mumbai:

  • Mumbai’s 7.2 million slumdwellers constitute 60% of the population
  • In a four month period starting last November, government bulldozers demolished 90,000 dwellings, making 300,000 people homeless
  • Only 40% of households are connected to sewers
  • There are 800 functioning public toilet blocks; this is 20,000 less than needed; the public toilets are so deep in shit that city workers refuse to clean them, even for extra pay
  • Suburban trains have a capacity of 1,750 passengers; at rush hour, 4,000 passengers are crammed into each train
  • 110 new vehicles are added to Mumbai every day; average traffic speed: 6-8 km/h

Mumbai Mirror‘s Daily Sexpert Question earlier this week:

“I am a 25 year old married woman. I need some advice regarding our sex life. We got married in May this year. My husband faces the following problems during intercourse: 1) he breathes heavily and gets exhausted very soon, 2) he sweats a lot 3) our sex does not last for long and we don’t enjoy the act. Kindly suggest a solution to these problems”

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