Day 1 – Florida Roadtrip – Woodstock, VA

We left Friday at 5:30 pm instead of planned 4:00 pm and that was a personal record of leaving on time. We hit almost no traffic as we left the city. A very rare thing as well, since it was Friday rush hour and beginning of spring break. We drove till 11:30 pm and stayed at some cheap hotel in Shenandoah Valley. Our kinds had a blast jumping on the bed singing “5 little monkeys”. Our room was cold and the heater was loud and the blankets were paper thin. I slept with my children, so nobody was rested when we woke up. Renzo was freezing all night and I was waking up at every move of my children. After a granola bar for breakfast, my darling husband found us a very nice coffee shop in Woodstock, VA. It had espresso and a wine shop which are both rare on a road.

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