Day 2 – Harrisburg, PA -> George Washington National Forest, VA

So far so good. Mama! Horse! Mama! Cow! Mama! Helicopter! Mama! Tank! The Four Wonders of Pennsylvania. Slept in Motel 6 for $54 – can’t complain. Had rice and fish for breakfast that I had packed for dinner yesterday. Kinda not my favorite breakfast, but the kids did not complain and were fed. Then Starbucks for coffee, and off we go for another three hour drive. The boys are napping and I am searching for attractions at our next destination: George Washington National Forest, VA, Todd Lake campground.

Day 1 – Brooklyn, NY -> Harrisburg, PA

Had a late start. I (Ksenia) was thinking we would leave at 4 pm, but after packing all day nonstop, we managed to get out only at 7:30 pm. That turned out to be a blessing. Quickest Holland Tunnel ever! Searched on iPhone where we would be by 10:30 pm. Harrisburg, PA. Motel 6, here we come! We try not to spend more then $60 on highway hotels. This one fits the budget.